426 aftermarket tank recommendation?

I need to put a bigger tank on my '02 426...any good/bad experiences out there? Clark, IMS, Acerbis? Is the hot start knob still accesible or will I have to get a remote? Thanks for any tips!

I have a Clark and i like it. I can still get to my hot start. Only thing is the tank goes down far on both sides around the engine. On the stock petcock side it doesnt go down as far as the other, so i had problems getting fuel from the opposite side(because it goes down farther and doesnt really make it up over the hump and into the otherside of te tank) so i put another petcock in on the lower side. I also have the stock tank because i dont use the big tank that much. Good luck Also get the natural clear color so you can see how much fuel you have.

I have the Blue Clarke....Hot start is accessible...got to dig a little for the choke but its doable...Its been great, Im pleased with it..

I have the Clarke also and as was said above, Hot start is easy, choke is a bit more difficult. 3.3 gallons is nice to have!

Go with the IMS, it doesnt discolor, and the weight is a lot lower, because it hangs down lower. It does come with a fuel switch relocation bracket, and 2 petcocks, so the entire tank can be drained. I strongly feel that IMS is the way to go, it holds 3.4 gallons.

Check out my garage for my opinions about the Acerbis. I'd go for the IMS if I were buying one new. I got mine used off of E-bay.

I recently bounght the IMS for my 02. It is nice, a bit of a pain to get to the choke, not to bad on the hot start. I have noticed that the tip of the kickstarter is digging in to the tank where it hits as it goes back into its notch though.

I like it and I'd buy it again. The petcock gasket sucked and I ended up using silicone instead.

I just got my IMS and installed it today. It is very high quality, and I didn't have any problems. The new petcock gasket worked great for me, and with the new fuel line they give, everything looks factory. My kickstart doesnt touch the tank, and plastics line up perfectly, even with the Devol radiator guards I have. I bought this from the TT store (in person), and got excellent service and a top notch product.

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