Someone make a poll..............

How did you break in your bike?

I've always followed this method with good results...SC

I used the same method, In general I was always told to not be afraid to roll the throttle even up to full but just don't keep it there long, it will seat everything in better/faster.

+1 on mototune. Cooling cycles are important in the first twenty miles!

For me, take it easy for the first few miles (ten or fifteen minutes) just to make sure everything is put together right - then HAMMER it. (Don't forget your frequent maintenance in the beginning. I'd also say vary your speed a lot, but hey - it's a dirt bike you're already doing that.) Break 'em in slow they'll always be slow.

Just my $.02 worth.


First I thought you said "break your bike" and I am up to about 187 ways to do this :ride:

As far as "break in" goes, roll it on just no prolonged constants at any RPM, cooling cycles are important before race pace :thumbsup:

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