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stock suspension settings on a 92-94 cr 250

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Would anyone have the stock shock and fork settings of a 92-94 cr250?

I just bought one but it has been used by a very small guy so i just wanted to put all the settings as they were when the bike was new.

I weight 75 kilos thats about 160 pounds so i guessed that stock setting would fit me perfectly.

I dont know if the bike is from 1992 or from 1994. Would anyone have any pointers as of a diference between those two years.


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From the official Honda 1994 CR250R Owner's Manual & Competition Handbook:

Rear shock spring preload length: Standard - 10.35 in. (263mm)

Minimum - 10.12 in. (257mm)

(each complete turn of the adjuster nut changes the spring length by 1/16 in.


Rear shock Rebound Damping: Adjuster has 22 or more positions (clicks)

To adjust to the standard/stock setting: Turn adjuster clockwise until it

stops. Back the adjuster out by turning counterclockwise 8-11 clicks, with

the punch marks on the adjuster and the shock aligned.

Rear shock Compression Damping: Adjuster has 24 or more positions.

The rest of the procedure is identical to the rebound adjustment.

* Make sure the adjusters are set firmly in the detent at the "clicks" and not between clicks/detents.

Forks: Oil Level - Std: 107mm (4.21 in.); Min: 139mm (5.47in.);

Max: 96mm (3.78in.)

Rebound and Compression Damping: Same as with rear shock, but after

turning to full clockwise, back out counterclockwise 10 clicks for standard

stock settings.

(And don't forget to always bleed the air from the forks!)

Hope this helps...


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As far as the year I.D., best bet is to write down the VIN/serial number that's typically stamped into the frame's steering head and take it to your local Honda dealer. They can usually get that info for you, or at least give you a phone number or website to i.d. it.

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