pipe turning funny colors

so i got a FMF powerbomb ti header and after installing it and it got warmed up it turned a purply color. now after about 10 hours on it its turning a blueish color does this mean i'm running to hot or mean anything at all except what new pipes do?

It's normal.

Must be your first Ti pipe :thumbsup:

It's normal.

Yep, it's normal.

ok thanks just wanted to make sure it wasnt running to hot or something. its my first race bike and first performance exhaust. thanks for not making me feel really stupid. does it go back to normal color after awhile?

Nope, it stays blue/purple. Ain't titanium cool!

Mine stays mostly yellow and purple once it's cooled off, and blue clear to the can while it's running hard. That's how Ti is. The blue and the purple are my favorites. Stainless has a different color palette. :thumbsup:

Unfortunately, the bend in the header will eventually turn a dull gray/brown up to the "bomb".

One of the things that makes people think this is abnormal is that most MC exhaust systems on road and play bikes, and even off-road and MX bikes until recently, are usually steel, and finished somehow, like with paint or chrome, rather than left bare. The Japanese long ago started building double walled pipes for their road bikes so that the chrome wouldn't turn colors. It also hid the fact that the right size pipe for good performance was a lot smaller than the American public expected to see, but that's another thing.

thanks for your help. i learned something new today that makes me feel a lot better about my bike.

Turn off the lights and see it glow in the dark :thumbsup:

I love riding at dusk and seeing my Big Gun header glowing :thumbsup:

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