YZ450 off road

YZ450 off road...I am sure a bunch of you have done it but does it work.

I am more concerned with gearing and suspension...I know it needs hanguards, skidplate, etc.

The bike has heap big potential! I've revalved the suspension to be more forgiving yet harder to bottom! It works awesome off road and still better than stock for moto! I just added a GYT flywheel (9oz heavier) and consider it a must for off road. Even Chad Reed uses a GYT flywheel (5oz) for moto. The stock one is way too small! The flywheel made a huge difference for the better! The bike has way more response down low and the bike hooks up much quicker and just flat hauls. And it doesn't stall in the corners and can chug over rocks and logs! On one radical trail loop we have up here in the Rocky Mountains....I was having to run in first gear for most of the loop, now it will do everything in second and even third, except one real tight section! Yet the bike still revs really quick and seems to have more thrust! I would have never thought a flywheel could do sooo much and still not effect the other great things about the motor! Add some hand guards, skid plate, and a tank and your set. Top speed in in the mid to top eighties! With the flywheel it feels like you could gear up and still be able to trail ride some gnarly stuff. Enjoy your ride!

Has anyone had Factory Connection do their stuff for off road on this bike?



never mind...i answered my own question. finally figured out how to search this forum!

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