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well a month ago I get the ok from the wife to buy a bike I think she though I was going to do it anyway so sweet I hit the honda dealer because there is only one brand after all and the guy talks me into this thing I learn later they call the big red pig my pig is the R flavor and im so happy with it I've done all the nessary stuff to it so far uncork, jetting, air filter, lean needle, bars, dualsport kit. Now where do I go I know I'll have to get the whale snot out of my forks what about cams what kind of dollars?

Do you really need more power? If the answer is yes then you are a confirmed HP junkie and meetings are Tues and Thurs at 7:00pm. :thumbsup:

Seriously though Hot cams makes a stage 1 and 2 for your bike and you can use all your stock valvetrain parts.

Nah not a hp junkie I like buying tires may get a motard setup for it need a headlight fo sure those acerbis ones look cool

Buy a Honda Service Manual ASAP, well worth the $.

Strip the bike down and clean and lube the steering head bearings, rear shock bearings, linkage, and swing arm pivot (need a special tool). Honda doesn't put ANYTHING in these places. Also, put neversieze on the rear wheel adjuster bolts that thread into the swing arm.

You might also check the clutch bushing, this was supposed to be changed to the new part# in '02, but I would check it anyway. Regardless, try not to leave the bike in gear and hold the clutch for extended periods of time (stop lights etc...).

Keep an eye on the tightness of the kick starter bolt and the right side foot peg bolts. Better yet, pull them and use Loctite on the threads.

I think you mentioned it, but while you are doing the steering head bearings, drain/clean the forks and put in new oil. Supposedly lighter weight oil is recommended with stock valving 2.5-3wt. This would also be a good time to install the proper fork/shock springs for your weight, Eibach springs are recommended.

Send your seat to James Renazco, at http://www.renazco.com/. It will take some time, but it's WELL worth it.

I think handlebars are almost required, CR-HI are good, or whatever you want, also Cycra Pro bend hand guards/bark busters are nice.

If you want some lighting power, do a search on this forum for stator rewind. It's easy to do and cheap if you do it yourself.

In general, the motor puts out enough power in stock uncorked form. Leave the motor alone for a little while if you can stand it. If you have the extra $ Get a carb (Mikuni pumper/Edlebrock pumper) and a pipe and have fun. A White Bros. E-series Pro Meg (NOT S Bend) pipe is an excellent pipe for the 650R. It's not real pretty, and it's not made anymore, but it's a great low-mid pipe, highly tunable, and can be made reasonably quiet while still making great power.

Oversized headers move alot of power to the top end at the expense of power at the bottom. Stick with the stock headers if you like the low-mid pull. I tried some headers and loved the top end, but I went back to stockers which was better for slower off roading. I think headers would be perfect if you went with a 680cc big bore kit.

Cams will also move power around, but I've heard the Hot Cams stage 1 gives increases across the board, though primarily on top. Cams are pretty cheap and are usually billed as the best HP bang for the buck, I've not used one so no comment...

Stock gearing is 14/48 and the chain is 110 links. For tight single track 13/48 works great. For dual sport, with some off road, 15/48 is a good start. For extended high speed street use with the dirt wheels, 15/45. If you go with a supermoto setup, you'll be wanting 15/39-15/42 gearing, these will require a 108 link chain. Get an XR's Only case saver. They are the best as they come with a 3rd mounting point, your rear motor/frame mount. All the others rely on the tiny stock 2 mounting points.

I could spout off more, but this stuff should keep you busy for a while...

For more info; http://www.xr650r.us/

http://xr650r.borynack.com/ (suspension stuff)

Snaggle: Thanks for all the info. It is interesting the amount of information I get from reading all these posts on this forum and I do not even have a XR-R yet. When I go to the local Honda shop they 1. Never have an XR on the floor and 2. Never really know anything about it. I end up teaching them about it.


Thanks for all the info, I will be well prepaired :thumbsup:


Thanks a ton snaggle there were some things in there i've read before but forgot about i'll pry wait till winter to tear it all the way down the wife is going to have a fit lol yea i have a lot of locktiteing to do and i need to tighten up the nutserts all over the bike I have done the bars already, but have yet to get it out on the trail with the new bars and the lack of overheating pronblem. thats this weekend yea I defanatly need a new seat and im short so it will help with that to I've been thinking about lowering it well I have but I did it the cheap way I just slid the forks up in the clamps and dropped the preload way down

Nah not a hp junkie I like buying tires may get a motard setup for it need a headlight fo sure those acerbis ones look cool

yeah but take it from me, the Diamond is totally lame for light output, get a Cyclops so youlll have the kinda light you want!!

M2C and welcome to the club!!!

yeah but take it from me, the Diamond is totally lame for light output, get a Cyclops so youlll have the kinda light you want!!

M2C and welcome to the club!!!

I was wondeering about that thanks !!!

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