Quad Cam in 05

I did a search and found out that the yfz450 quad exhaust cam is halfway between the yz and wr timing. My dad has his stock yfz cams and I'm gonna throw the cam in there tommorow afternoon. I already have a full pipe, airfilter, my own custom ais plugs and am looking for a little bit more snap (I think the yz cam will just tire me out). Do you guys think I will run into any problems? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also my left fork seal just popped. What seals should I get? Stock? Thank you.

I know the quad cam idea has been discussed, by I don't know of anyone who's done it. The only issues I can think of off hand are whether or not the auto decompression will work properly due to pin length and getting it properly timed using the YFZ timing marks. I'd check the decomp pin length on both cams, and read your Dad's manual regarding how to properly time the YFZ and compare it to the WR's procedure. In all likelihood, the methods are the same, but it can't hurt to check...SC

Awww man! When I read the title I was hoping for a new 4 cam WR450! Damn, what a disappointment that you mean a slightly more radical cam from a Quad.

I know how to time the quad cause I just did the cam mod for a friend and I put hotcams in my dads quad. I'll let you all know how it works. I just need a little more hit to help pop the front end over stuff on the trails and a little more power for the dunes.

Since the YFZ cam came from a 450, and is going into another one, the OEM timing marks should be accurate, including their relationship to the AD timing. That's the case when using the YZ450 cam, and that would be how I would start out with it. As a precaution, you could always go the extent of using a degree wheel.

I put the cam in. I was only able to ride it down my driveway and back because I just had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. I did notice I got more bottom end but didn't want to ride too hard on the driveway. I may be able to go riding on monday. I'll give you guys a full report when I really ride it. I also noticed that it kinda threw off my jetting down low (bad idle) and made it sound different.

Awww man! When I read the title I was hoping for a new 4 cam WR450! Damn, what a disappointment that you mean a slightly more radical cam from a Quad.

yeah i was curious to find out how that would work 4 cams five valves?????

a quad cam would be no good cause it cant lean around turns, end up snapping cam chains.

I too read it as being Quad cams, lol DOH!!!!!

I just did the test ride and I can definitly tell that it hits harder. The power is upped EVERYWHERE. Fifth pinned is plain gnarly. The new power will take some getting used to but I think its better. The bike now has some trouble with idling but I think that is an easy fix. In my opinion it was a great mod. I cant wait to test it out at sand mountain on labor day weekend.

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