99 engine rebuild...Im worried

Recently I had a rebuild done on my 99 wr400. Did a new original piston, rings, rod, crank bearings, lapped valves, and finally went to yz timing. It was done by a very good mechanic, works on Husabergs and what have you. I recently read a post here that pointed to a website challenging the classic "easy does it" breakin procedure and advocating basically a "let her rip and rip hard" which I did. I basically beat the heck out of it for a half hour, only avoiding exteneded periods of full throttle at max rpm. All indications were that the plan worked as it absolutely ripped and seemed to love it, every pass it got stronger. The motor also was quieter than I have ever heard it (nice change). So, I took it back to the shop and changed oil and filter out, and then... get this, rode it 200 miles over the Andes mountains of Peru :thumbsup: During that time, it used not a single drop of oil. I stopped at 200 mile point and changed the oil but did not have access to filter at that time (bad planning) :ride::applause: . The oil, though I did not inspect it carefully, looked very clean. The best oil I could get at that point was original toyota oil, so I used that. Hey, Toyota wouldnt put thier name on lousy oil would they???

100 Miles later, I changed the oil again, this time inspecting it carefully and was shocked to see LOTS of silver color swirling around in the oil, maybe it was there the fist time too and I just missed it. That was today, in the morning some filters are comming via quick mail and I will change it again and inpsect the filter. Also, the engine is now quite a few notches noisier than it was when it was spanking new.

So... my question is... how worried should I be with that much silver showing up only after only one hundred miles of running??? I will check it again tommarow but at that point it will only have about 25 more miles on it, but at least I will inspect the filter which should be um... enlightening.

Basically, what do guys think... am i screwed ? :applause:

I would attribute the metal to all the new components you put in your motor. I would get a magnetic drain plug as they grab a lot junk floatin' around and also take a good look at your filter when change it. These motors make a lot of mechanical noises so perhaps your paranoia is magnifying the noise. I wouldn't freak out until you look at the filter and run some more oil through the bike

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