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FCR Additional Questions

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I'm new here and new to modern 4-strokes. Just got back from the 2-stroke dark side.

I've got a couple of questions about the FCR on an 02 DRZE. Sorry if they're redundant.

What is the tps used for on the DRZ? What happens if it is unhooked?

I'm a little confused about the following items: What is the relationship with the pilot fuel screw, pilot jet and pilot air jet? I'm used to just a pilot jet and an air screw (on a pwk, for instance).

Also, what's the deal with the main air jet on this carb design, what is it's purpose?

Then there's a starter jet? Is that what the name implies, for starting?

Now, on to a bit of mods. If you remove the coast enrichener and plug up the holes, that completely make the 'air jet' useless, correct?

I'm also seeing a lot of people that are very happy with the standard mods of removing the airbox lid and coast enrichener. They then install an EMM needle (about 4th notch from the flat). What I'm confused about is this: it makes sense that they are richening up the main to a 160 or so, but why must the pilot circuit be so lean (by stock comparison)? Most folks are going to a 38 pilot and a 70 pilot air jet.

Just trying to understand the mods rather than flying blind.

Lastly, I recently took my carb apart just after buying my bike and found that it looks like the needle is rubbing on the main jet. In other words it's not centered as it enters the main on closed throttle. I can see it with the mj removed. I took out the needle and it does not appear to be bent. Could I have a problem with my slide? If so, how do I remove the slide to replace it?

Thanks for all of the help. These forums are awesome!

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