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Osteoarthritis in wrists and riding?

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Dr. Mark,

After x-rays and MRI scan I was diagnosed diminshing STT joint space i.e. osteoarthritis in those surfaces of the wrist. Some years ago there were also osteoarthritis findings in my knee arthroscopy so the doctor said inherited the 'disease'.

I've got some pain at both ends of the sideways movement of the hands, sometimes pain during rest also but not often. I've had sensations like this every now and then for 10 years now, in mountain biking, for example (driving go-karts has been the most painful so far). The doctor said he'd recommend glukosamine and he'd not recommend off-road motorcycling!

I've been riding enduro two to four times a week for 4 months now, after a 20 year break, and the wrists have been giving me some trouble all the time, although they felt the worst during the first month of riding and have gradually hurt a bit less (because of better control of the bike?). I've narrowed my bars to avoid twisting the wrists but sometimes the wrists get sore.

I'm a bit uncertain about the future of my dirt biking. Want to ride, but don't want to end up living in pain for the rest of my live. You've had patients that ride, what's your take on this?

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