XR 600 wheel bearings on Ebay any good?

I myself would recommend going to www.denniskirk.com vs. Ebay...never had good luck with eBay (maybe just me). These guys have great name brand parts at very good prices with quick no b.s. service and shipping.

Hope it helps!

I have not purchased from that guy, but I have purchased two sets of pivot works rear bearing kits off of ebay with no problems. The kit is good and I received the bearings within a few days after paying for them.

I got my 600R bearings from another guy on ebay. Got them about 18 months ago. No problems. Another alternative is to take the bearings out and take them to a bearing store. That way you may have a choice of mfg. You will pay more at the bearing store than $20 at the bearing store. One problem is most bearing stores are M-F 8-5 kind of hours. It can be hard to get to if you have a "normal" job.

For a600 R rear ? . I got mine at bearing dealer & was not happy for the price from china! & they failed about 3 years later again! ( light riding like 1-2 a month ) I wander if a double sided seal would last longer?

Sealed on both sides should be better in conditions with water, or pack with a good grade of waterproof marine grease, there maybe stainless availible less prone to rust. If you get the bearing measurements you can check bearing suppliers online or local and have more choices in brand and quality. When I lived in Fl. riding the swamps I replaced the rears in my PE250 from a local bearing supplier I think it was Terry bearing or Fl. nut and bolt. Honda Direct has the lowest prices but not the fastest, I order when I need a $100 or more and the shipping free. http://www.hondadirectline.com/

Hey Thanks for all the responses. I am going to go with the Pivot works or get them from Honda direct.

That guy (bearings4toyz) sells Chinese Junk Bearings,

I ordered a set for my bike and he sent me a set for a ZXR Ninja, and when I asked for a refund/exchange he never replied I left - Feedback and he retaliated by also leaving negative feedback for me saying "He got what he ordered"

Needless to say I'll never do business with that :thumbsup: A**hole again. I ordered up some from Service Honda, and have used Moose Brand wheelbearings on my Front dirtwheel.

That :ride: also said he's sue me for "Slander" for posting on this website about his shady business practices.

Thanks dukerider I thought his stuff might be garbage at that price.

That guy selling Chinese bearings on eBay may have some problems in that he sent the wrong bearings, but that says nothing about the quality of the bearings.

Marshall and several other distributors are now selling Chinese bearings.... I've bought them through my local dealer and I've bought them overseas..... there are good ones and bad ones.

China has bought modern equipment in recent years to make that stuff - so the quality has vastly improved.... but the metalurgy sometimes lacks.

That said, the Japanese stuff lacks sometimes too....

The key thing is, always use bearings for wheels that end in -2RS , these are the double sealed bearings.

I use the Chinese bearing these days (I get them really cheap.... really!) and if they go bad I swap them out - no big deal. Then again, I can't remember that last time I had a wheel bearing go bad. Maybe it's because I hate riding in the mud? :thumbsup:

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