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kx125 jetting

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my 2000 mdl kx125 is always running rich im running full synthetic motul at 32:1. The plugs always black and my back fender is always covered in oil. But apart from this the bike seems to run ok. Im sure it would run better if it was running leaner though. Oh and the bikes usally ridden anywhere from 10 degres celcius to 40 degres celcuis {im from australia}

The jetting is as follows:

main: 155 {stock}

pilot: 45 {stock}

air screw:1 3/4 {stock 1 1/2}

needle :stock

needle clip : 2nd pos {stock}

I was thinking of raising the needle pos one higher to 1st pos. Will this make much of a diff? What are you thoughts?


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