06 450.. Ready oil filter.? Anyone else have one?

Luckily I had one stock oil filter left. I've had the Ready filter and cover waiting on my bench until I used up my extra filters in stock.

When I installed the Ready filter it was loose and did not appear to fit correctly. I did not feel it would filter the oil properly. Thank God I had a stock filter hiding on my bench since the one I pulled out now was lost in my trash can.

I hope I can find the receipt , they ain't cheap.

Any one try the Scott filter? Is it any better?

i don't have any problems with the fit on my cheapy crt from rocky mountain, it seems to catch things pretty good.

I have the Scot's -- It fits nicely. I've never used the Ready oil filter but I did use the Ready Air filter once and it seemed rather cheap...

I'm not familiar with the Ready directly, but I have 3 Scotts filters, and I've used them for a long time. You didn't specify what it was about the fit that bothered you, but the Scotts, at least, fits fine. None of the SS filters use a base pad, the rubber "seal" on the inboard end; only the outer seal for the oil feed passage in the cover. Does that help?

As far as Scotts being better or not, I don't know. The reason I don't know is that the only thing the others will say about theirs is that they are "just like", "as good as", or use the "same material" as the Scotts filter, and wouldn't you like this cool new filter cover? I know what a Scotts is because they tell me everything there is to know about their construction and performance, and back up what they say with tests, etc. Ready and CRT could be right, Scotts could be gouging me, but IMO, it's worth the extra $15 to be sure.

Thanks for the replies. On my last bike I used the Scott's brand oil filter ,It's fit and performance was spot on. And yes I did get the Ready oil filter for the cool cover. When I tried to use it ,the fit was loose. It was not large enough to make a seal for the oil passages. It seemed as it would rattle loosely in side.

I have a steel filter in my YZ450. It is not a Scotts or a Ready but it fits perfectly and I think it works well.

I bought from these guys: http://www.americandirtbike.com/YamSO1.gif

they shipped it to me here in the UAE so that made me happy.

I think the brand is K&P.

It fits snug and has a rubber seal.

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