06 450 Shock Adjustment

I'm ready to dial in my weight for my 06... I weigh 165 so it's a bit stiff.

Question - when you guys adjust your rear spring, do you remove the rear frame or just use a screwdriver and a hammer with everything in place? I usually use the second method but the manual says to remove the rear frame. Anyone have any tips???

It's a little tight but I do the screwdriver and hammer method. Do you really want to disassemble and reassemble the bike to set sag? :thumbsup:

I use a longer (8 inch) brass punch to bust the lock rings loose. Then I turn the spring by hand, works pretty good for me. You are correct, it's darn tight.

Thanks - I really didn't want to but sometimes the screw driver method is a slow, tedious, knuckle busting, bike scratching process (especially when tightening). Just worndering if their was an easier way... :thumbsup:

WFO - How do you turn it with your hand? I don't think I can even get my hand in there... :thumbsup:

The sub is a lot easier to get on and off the '06 than the earlier years, but it's still a nuisance. For one thing, if you're setting your sag, what are you going to measure to if not some point on the sub or the fender?

I pulled mine the first time to loosen the rings, AND do some other work, but haven't had it off since.

But, avoid using a screwdriver if possible, as they are too hard on the lock rings, IMO. I have a scrap piece of 3/16" x 1" aluminum bar stock that I use as a punch for that. It's quite a bit gentler. If you own a real brass drift punch, that would be good, too.

WFO - How do you turn it with your hand? I don't think I can even get my hand in there... :thumbsup:

Once I bust the top lock ring loose, I turn the spring which also turns the bottom lock ring. I grab onto the shock spring anywhere I can get my hands on it, ususally on the left side towards the bottom of the spring. Good luck

Thanks! I'll give it a try.

i've had my subframe off 5 or 6 times already,setting sag , then having to change the rear spring and set sag again. i wouldn't do it any other way. nothing makes a bike look cheaper IMO than nice clean looking graphics and the such and then a chiseled up lock ring and adjuster, and scratches. how often do you really have to set up the sag? take the time and do it right. plus then you know how to get it apart, you'll have to again someday i'm sure. the only real hard part about taking off the subframe is getting the carb boot back on the carb. mine was a pain because that just happened to be where i had to have the lock ring and adjuster to get my sag right, it was right even with the carb boot and carb flange so there was even less room to move that junk around to get it back on. perseverence paid off though and the bike is none the worse for it. plus just get a spanner wrench for the nut. they arent that expensive and they really do make it much easier and faster to turn the nut. because when the spring starts to get tight you can't really turn it too easily by hand. also remember to lube the threads up on the shock when tightening down. you would hate to heat up and start stripping threads on the shock body. that'll cost ya!!!! :thumbsup:

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