Best place to buy XR 650 R ??? Where to register it ???

I just went to the local Honda dealership to look my next bike and they want $6800 dollars for a new XR 650 R :thumbsup:

There has to be a better place than this, anyone know where ?

Also, is there any state left where I can make the XR 650 R street legal ?



There are several states that will easily register an XR for street use. I live in WA & many guys have done this in Idago & transfer them to WA afterwards. If you're a pilot in the Air Force try Mountain Home AFB. I used to live in Mountain Mome & rode with a few enlisted guys. Mountain Home has a licensing office. Should be a simple task there. There are many other states that allow this as well (Nevada & Colorado come to mind). This forum has lots of stuff about DS kits on the XRR. Once the DS kit is installed you should also add a rewound stator. This mod should be mandatory for any excursions at night. There are several posts here that discuss this.

Got mine plated in Indiana with no trouble.

southern Honda sold the '06 for about $5400 - however, right now they don't show any XRR on their web site ( - also would have to go pick it up there, since they don't ship bikes.

Don't try to register it in WI - Michigan and Minnesota are pretty easy states to plate the bike in the midwest. No idea where you are, though.


if you search for 2006's, they have the 650R for $5383 at Southern Honda. I've seen it elsewhere for around $5500.

Registering is easy (well, as "easy" as any trip to the DMV can possibly be) in AZ. I don't even have a dual sport kit. Just a brake light and mirror for me.

Wow, I stupidly thought he meant Peru,Indiana :thumbsup:

Went through the same issues as you nearly 2 years ago. Was looking for a 650R and planned on installing the baja designs kit and registering it here in Colorado. Looked the 650R up on and found an 03 650R brand new for $4499 (this was 2004) at located in Chanute Kansas. Called them up and the price was completely "out the door". They put on the baja designs kit for an extra $100 plus the price of the kit. It was worth the drive from Colorado Springs CO. Only thing I had left to do for plating in Colorado was to put on street legal tires and a mirror. Oh yeah, they don't check for a darn thing by the way but I did it the legal way.

Coolest thing, I gave them my certificate of origin that came from the bike stamped "not for highway use" and got a complete street title. Hells Yeah!

Colorado is a piece of cake to register. You need the following:

1. a VIN Verification form (most dealerships can provide this);

2. Your MSO (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin) If the bike is financed, the bank has the MSO, but the Registration Office can get it from the bank.

3. You must sign a form stating your bike has a Brake Light, a Mirror (left side is required), and a Horn (audible at 200ft., a bicycle horn is okay).

I have never had a problem, but you can technically be ticketed in CO for non-DOT tires, and having an exhaust without a baffle (i.e. the HRC spark arrestor, or the cut-out stock tip).

If anyone has done it in Pennsylvania. How long did it take and how much?


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