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Top speed, windshield,16T

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I had been doing pretty controlled tests of the top speed of my DR before and after going to a 16t front. With the slipstream windshield the bike only picked up 2-3 mph going from 100 to 102/103 indicated. I made a run while fully loaded for touring and got it up to 103 ish, this was 98.8 on the gps. With all this heat I have been running w/o the windshield lately. yesterday I hit my 1.5 mile runway (already going 70) and wound it up to over 110 on the speedo! I was tucked and tight, mostly out of necessity. Surprised the hell out of me. I guess that shield really slows it down. I did have a 5-10 mph tail wind, but I have never been in that part of the speedo

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