I.D. my muffler, please

since i finally figured out how to post pictures here.... (i think)

anyone know who makes this muffler? good, bad, so so??? no brand name is marked on it.



could it be stock w/an aftermarket endtip on it? The endtip doesn't look fully flush at the bottom by looking at the pics?


Looks like an older "Stroker" to me......Cobra, or older Pro Circuit as well.

i guess i never thought it may be stock. the sidepanel looks like it would accomidate a lot larger diameter muffler. anyone still running a stock muffler on a 98 xr600r??

if thats a 98 xr600, just go to google or somewhere and type in "exhaust for 98xr600", try and find a match..if its that big of a deal

It kinda looks like the first generation supertrapp IDS. Is there discs inside under endcap Take off the end and you might find something stamped inside.

Would have to agree that your muffler is a 4'' supertrapp. My buddy has one on his 650 dakar and is very similar in apperance.

I'm not saying for sure this is it but notice the bolt on the bottom, a little past mid-way...


i think that is it. one of the bolts holding the discs is gone but everything else looks ok. thanks

I Agree. Looks Like My Supertrapp With A Snork On It. I Know Have A White Bros E Series>> But That Is Definately In The Realm Of A Supertrapp.

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