Is The Xrl Really That Bad On The Road/ Hwy. Or 50 + Miletrips?

I keep flip flopping back and forth between the dr & the xrl.

I know the xrl is superior over the klr & dr off-road so I have no doubts about that. I keep reading that the xrl is pretty unstable and vibrates more than the other 2 on the pavement, also the wind blast is worse on the xrl and is excrutiating to ride a long distance on pavement. I'm 6'3" 300 lbs. would this bike work for me over the other 2? Riding will probably be 60/40. The klr is not an option anymore, no way am I dropping over $5000.00 on a 2007 "MODEL T". I appreciate any feedback I can get from you guy's. THANKS!

If we are talking strictly dualsports, (which we are)I think the 650L is great on the highway, as far as wind goes never been a problem, I'm not saying you won't get some, but the fun and the ride far outweigh any wind.As far as vibration never notice. :ride: I commute almost 50miles to work one way once or twice a week and usually ride another couple hundered miles a week- a mix of offroad, fireroads, back roads, logging roads, highway. Sometimes 100-200+in one day. I'm 5-9 165 and the wind has never got to me or vibration. So to some it up ride red. :thumbsup:

It's true. I joyride and commute on my L and never understood what people were talking about when they put down the L for on road comfort. :applause::thumbsup:

I think it beats the others so badly off road that they feel the need to act like it's a trade off. :applause:

The DR and KLR owners always profess that theirs is somehow "better" on the street. :ride:

Even though the DR is reputed to have a really really bad seat. The ONLY downside to the XRL (for dual sporting) is the small gas tank. Keep in mind that it's a dinosaur too, just a superior air cooled dinosaur.

A buddy of mine is ~6'3" and ~250+ lbs. He has a DR650 and an XR650L. He likes them both, but he likes the XRL more. One of the biggest reasons is that he doesn't fit on the DR very well with the low seat height. Also, the DR bottoms badly off road with his weight and stumpy suspension, the XRL doesn't. He has ridden both to work and he's not said that one is really any better/worse on the street. You can't go wrong with a 650L, especially if you plan to do any off road exploring.

Have you considered a Husky TE610?

The bike is awesome man, especially when modded and uncorked. I am 6ft and about 210lbs...and i am deffinatly a lil fat in the belly at 41yrs old

so dont hink I am trying to be mean..Im not

your weight may be the biggest issue, you may have to change the rear shock to something better or at least have it setup proper for a guy your size, otherwise its gonna feel like crap stock. Probaly set up from factory for a 5'10-6-2 190-200lb rider..just my guess

but its gonna ride much better by having the front rear suspension dialed to your size

buy one and join the club man..

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