Leaking Fork Seals On 06

So as I was loading the bike up after a hard day at the track, I notice a front flat tire... :ride: No big deal. So when I get home and unload the bike I notice 2 leaking fork seals! :applause: And I have a race tomorrow! So I'm going to try the film strip trick, hopefully that works, but then how can I be sure about the oil? I don't know how much they leaked out during the ride today... so would it be ok just to race tomorrow then fix the seals and oil height later?

I would like to think that the leak only started on the trip home but I cant really be sure... so maybe I should add some oil, but then again there is no way to know how much.... I'm screwed :thumbsup: Does anyone know what make these forks are? My buddy has the tools for the Honda forks.. Any chance they are the same? Thanks

How dirty were the bottom of the fork legs and how much oil did you see down there too? I am guessing you will be fine but i am sure someone else might think different

The fork legs were clean! I did the film strip trick and the leaking seems to be very minimum now. I've strapped the front end down to keep some pressure on the forks while I go pick up a new tire tube. Hopfully when I come back there won't be a big puddle under the bike!

Ok.. forks seem ok for tomorrow! But I still need to know what make the forks are??

Ok.. forks seem ok for tomorrow! But I still need to know what make the forks are??

Kayaba honda's have showa suspension. I think the 06's have kayaba SSS forks

they are kayaba forks, pretty much externally the same as on a newer honda. my buddies tools for his 04 honda worked perfect when we took my forks on my 06 yz450 apart to put heavier springs in it. they don't hold much oil though,mine only took like 330 cc of oil if i remember correctly, i'ts been a couple of months. definitely didn't take much of a quart bottle. i got the spec out of the owners manual, and measured what we took out to make sure.

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