Wow, a couple inches makes a big deal with handlebars

Just put some CR high bend bars on and I can't believe how much different it feels. I'm not leaning forward so much. I like. :thumbsup:

I have said many times that this is one of the best mods you can do. I have the same Tapers myself and absofricking love dem.

I wish I would've done it WAY sooner. My back doesn't get near as tired in the whoops with the higher bars. I have the Windham bend which is very similar. Best no-brainer mod if you're even close to tall.

I'm not even close, 5'10" and it still feels a lot better. Stock bars had me in a sportbike like crouch (ok, maybe not that bad), now I can sit more upright. Takes pressure off my hands too which is real important to me with carpal tunnel syndrom. I'm optimistic that it's going to help me ride longer before the hands go numb.

I've had CR high bars for a while now, and they are great, but I'm 6'1", most of it is legs. when I'm standing on the pegs, I often find myself leaning way too far forward.

Dose anyone know where to get some good risers for my handle bars? Around 1 inch would probibly be good.

KX High bend is even higher than Windham or CR High, and the Pastrana FMX are higher still. I have the Pastrana FMX on my pig with adapter/risers and KX high bend on my CRF450R which came stock with the Windham bend.

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