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EXC Tag and Title in Georgia?

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I'm trying to find out if it is possible to get an older (04-06) EXC titled and tagged in Georgia. I have been to my local tag office and they called the state and I was told if a bike was originally manufactured for "off road use" it could not be titled an tagged.

However I have seen some internet info that KTMs are one of the only bikes that come with a "regular" motorcycle MSO. I am looking at an '06 450 EXC and the owner still has the MSO and tells me it does not say off road use only. So maybe there's something to this internet legend.

I've also read that only the original owner can get it titled, kind of a one time shot when the bike is new.

I know many have "slipped" all kind of bikes through the tag and title process in Georgia (and others) over the years. I have a Yamaha TT600 that it titled and tagged in Georgia. But I've been told that in 2002 they started to close the door on this. And maybe even more recently they have tighnened the noose. I was given an affadavid to fill out, and if there was no title, an inspection report to be filled out by a local law enforcement officer. One of the sections on the form asks him to verify that there is a NHSTC label on the bike.

So, Id really like to know if anyone can offer current advice for Georgia. If I can get a used KTM tagged legally in Georgia that would be great. If not, I may buy off road and not worry about it, or look for the '07 EXC that is DOT legal.

I've found some nice sounding bikes in the 04. 05, 06 model years and am thinking about buying one instead of getting an '07.

Or maybe the '06 I'm looking at, the original owner would have to apply for the title and then sign it over to me?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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