wr400 to heavy

I own a 1999 wr400. Ive been riding for about a year. I love the power of my bike but I recently started racing harescrambles and have come to the conclusion my bike is to heavy..I was thinking about a wr250f or yz250f? Has anyone rode one of these?Will I be disappointed with the lack of power? Im 5'9" 150lb :)

I have a 98 wr 400 with the same problem I have trainned harder, to keep myself in shape to go the distance but this summer I rode an KTM 200 exc and form the really tight muddy technical riding I do I was so much more impressed with the stock KTM, but I love the four stroke thang so it will be a hard choice, I cant wait to try a 450 honda...

It has taken me almost a year to come to terms with my wr's heft.

At first I really hated it because it didn't turn, but Tuner got me on the true path...

Now I don't even notice the bulk unless I ride my ol' ladies ktm 200.

It would mess with my head if I rode her bike too much, I just had to surrender to the 426 gods.

I think I appeased them with my power sacrifice.

You could try making your load lighter by switching out the rear fender/headlight/kickstand which would drop 12 lbs there. You could also switch out the tank if your running scrambles under 35 mile legs. A yz switch would save another 4 lbs. I dumped as much as I could and went from 270 to 256, it made a difference to me. I also raised my bars and in turn was able to lift the forks 1/2 inch in the t-clamps, making my turns in the tight stuff much sharper. Additionally I changed to 13/53 Gearing which allowed me to shorten the wheel base by an additiona 1/2 inch. The gearing change made obstacles much easier to negotiate because the front end lofts with a blip of the throttle.

Good Luck...

Bonzai :)

I have ridden the WR250 and loved the light weight. I just don't think I could personally give up the power of the 400. You need to ride both and decide on your own. Two different worlds. Good luck on your decision. :)

Jekel pretty much said to ride both bikes. I agree with him. I've ridden both bikes and love them both. I am 5'10 190lbs. I love my 99WZ 400, I really like that it is such a versatile bike. I can ride it at the track, trails and plenty to go WOT in the desert. If I was only going to ride the track and tight woods I'd sell my 400 today and by a 250F, but you need to ride the 250F like a 125 to really reap the benefits of its power band. There is definately plenty of power in that bike. Now for a lighter rider like yourself at 150lbs. the 250F would suit you perfectly. It really depends what type of riding you like to do. I am willing to sacrifice a little bit of weight for the power gains. I rode yesterday on some really nice single track and just concentrated on riding smooth and I swear I felt like I was on my mountain bike. The blue beast is an amazing ride if you can really let the bike do all the work and enjoy the ride. Getting your suspension dialed in for trail/woods riding can also really make a difference. Hope this helps.

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