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Need help with Transmission gear install quick

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I was being very careful to document where everything goes with regards to the transmission. My teenage son was helping find where a little gear goes that popped out (turns out to be the oil pump wobble gear) and he accidently tipped the case over. Tranny parts everywhere! After a few choice words, I tried to put it back together. Everything was pretty easy following the manual, except the C2 gear. It is not clear in the manual which way it goes, tooth chamfer (larger chamfer) side facing towards the case or up. This is the gear at the very top of the countershaft and is recessed on one side more than the other and has a greater chamfer on one side of the teeth than the other.

Did anybody take pictures of there trany that could post up or offer advice?

It looks like the larger chamfer goes up, away from the case, but I am not sure and don't want to split the case again any time soon.

I want to get this thing back together soon and am just sitting here waiting.



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