Baja Gear

A friend and I are putting together a trip to do the Baja 1000. Was looking for suggestions or information for the following: GPS, radio and Personal Locator Beacon.

Specifically, looking for something that would provide most bang for the buck (functionality), remain operational (dependable), take a beating, size, integration of two or more of those items (all-in-one). Thanks for the help.

Do you mean you're going to be racing in the Baja 1000 race?

If so, who are you using for pit support? Reason I ask is that your pit support (if rented) might have communications.

- GPS - Not needed IMO. The race course is marked plenty well.

- Personal locator - Contact Steve at Actual "live" (but with a delay) tracking is basically off a satellite phone "call" every couple minutes. When you add up a sat. call every couple minutes for 24+ hours X a couple bucks a minute.... expensive.

- Radios - When you're on the bike it's basically useless, especially in an event covering the amount of ground and time as this 1000 will cover. If you have the luxury of having your own helo overhead, that's abnother story.

Your support trucks however should have race freq. radios. You can contact PCI Race Radios and they can fully set you up.

- The best device a bike racer can carry is a satellite phone in his pack and have sat. phones in the support trucks.

If you mean that you are just going to go to Baja to ride that's completely different.

When? Start/finish destinations? How many days? How many bikes? Support? Have you ever been riding there?

We are setting a privateer team up to race in the actual race in 2008 (to include pit team). With the amount of money and getting vacation time off, we had to make our goal the 2008 race. We aren't looking to win it or anything, our goal is to finish in under thirty hours. Going to do it for a local charity to raise money and gain publicity for riding in our local area.

Definitely appreciate the advice!

Oh, si....

By the time '08 rolls around I wouldn't doubt that we'll all be required to run the Iritrack system in SCORE Baja races. Albeit expensive it's a good safety device.

Race a Honda XR/CRF/CRFX and use Honda Pits. They have radio relay with times bikes cleared Pits.

And apparently Baja Pits is working on a system (starting this year) that will have info computer logged at each of their pits and teams can basically watch (with satellite lap top) when their bike passes each pit. This would work well with someone in the States who is online acting as a main "base" and the support crews bouncing info and calls off that person via sat phone.

Baja Pits will pit any type bike.

There is a lot happening right now with the technology side of Baja racing so it will likely be far different in November '08 than it is now.

Honestly, I wouldn't even worry about any of these things until around March '08.

In the meantime your riders should try to get out to Baja to see what it's all about. It doesn't make sense, regardless if you're trying to win or not, to go to the race blind.

No Baja racing experience? and you want to start with the 1000 (miles in 2008?) That's a mighty big step-up!

I'm not saying it's never been done, but there's a lot to learn about Baja! :thumbsup:

Yeah I hear ya. What can I say, love a challenge!!!

Actually a friend of mine is moving to Phoenix and we are going to fly out every couple of months (team) over the next two years to get some experience. Hoping to compensate that way.

So basically....hire a pit service that will provide everything seems like the best route? It's either that or buy the gear, get it all out there, provide pit service, comm's and GPS.

What are some good recommendations for pit service/baja experience provider?

BTW - I REALLY appreciate everyones input.

You could hook up with one of the tour groups for a ride and info session between now and then. Guys like Tim Morton (Bajaboundmoto above), Chris Haines, and a number of others have a ton of Baja racing experience AND do the tours of Baja as well. You could pick their brains while your out there and have a sweet guided tour of Baja at the same time. It'de be money well spent.

As for pits support....there are a few different organizations that provide pit service for a fee. The most $$ is Team Honda, but if you are on a Honda, you have the piece of mind of knowing that every pit stop will have most anything needed to service/repair your bike on the spot. There are also Baja Pits, Mag 7, and a couple others. We used Mag 7 last year with good results. This year we are using Team Honda since the race goes down to La Paz. Just less to worry about.

There is a wealth of info available on this site. Watch the "International" section for the most relevent info.

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