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Weird shfit problem, not shift bolt

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Tore it down and have redone this twice now. I had the shifter bolt back out. Bolt was reinstalled with no problems whatsoever. Rode it for a day and it happened again, except this time it stuck in 3rd gear.

Tore it down and removed the whole shifting assembly. Checked it all and found no problem, reinstalled to the books torque and all. (didnt overtorque it to manual specs)

Heres the problem, goes through 1st, 2nd and 3rd no problem. When I shift the 4th the shifter stays up. It doesnt return to its "neutral" position. If I push the shifter back to the "neutral" position it drops to 3rd. If I shift close to the rev limiter it shifts no problem, 1st through 6th without any hitches. Its only when shifting normal that it does this.

If I leave the shifter in the "stuck" position in 4th, I can ride it to near the rev limiter and itll fall down and be able to shift normally.

This makes NO sense to me.

Thanks in advance for your help. This sucks.

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