Oil Runs out when I check it 03 450WR

I am baffled.........I picked up a low hour 03 WR 450 F and checked the oil.......did the procedure..let it run...set 5 min. and oil ran out of my dipstick hole. So I thought the shop put too much in it..........so I changed it.

Very little oil drained out the bottom most of it came out of the frame plug I also changed the filter. I started and let it set and ckecked and oil again ran out of my dipstick hole?????????? &%$#@!........ I thought I could at least change oil without the manual. I have no manual and no this is not my first bike.

Not sure if this is the problem but you are supposed to run the bike for 3 minutes and then immediately check the oil level (not let it sit for 5 minutes). Here's a link to a site where you can download the manual:


That link no longer works.

By your description, you overfilled the bike. The capacity of an '03 is 1.2L total oil in the system, 1.1 for an oil change with a filter, and 1.0 withouut changing the filter.

Here's a link to a Manual (indirectly)

Did the same when i overfilled.After runing the bike you try to change the oil most will be in the frame,let sit over night and most will be in the engine.

Thanks guys...... I will change it again and use less oil and see how we go.

CD's are available all over Ebay for under 10 bucks.

Just a suggestion but you might want to check the screen at the bottom of the frame tank. It could be plugged and causing your problem. You're supposed to clean it anyway from time to time.

Yeah, check the screen filter in the bottom of the frame tube. Sounds like it is clogged. A clogged screen could cripple your bike for life.

If the bottom screen is blocked...the motors prob' already toast....to make the crap to block it !!

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