Stage 2 hotcam

I skipped work Mon and went for a trail ride and it doesn't need the headers or carb as it's got the get go.

My fork braces arrived,have put them on and am going for a ride after work Saturday.

I don't like that i have lost an inch and a half travel but that's the price of fame.

Ron at RWS was great he sent my braces even before my check had cleared.Fits great and looks absolutely wicked,looks too good to be on a dirt bike.

If this works i won't put the USD's on this bike for a while..

Initially turn in and ruts where way good everything else was crap.

The trusty screwdriver changed all that,slowed the rebound down 3 clicks,way better and stiffened up the front 2 clicks of comp waaay better.

I even had to soften the rear shock 2 clicks for some reason ,i can understand the changes on the front but the back seemed way stiffer for some reason.Someone tell me why.

Travelling quicker through the snot now,ruts and turn in now feel like USD's but with supple small bump absorption,these'll do for a while.

Oh yeah i wrapped the headers and my leg don't get hot now.

I was happy with the mods i've done but the pig seemed a little flat up top,so today i took a 190 main jet on a trail ride and put it in thinking i could swap it back out if it was too rich.Stuck it in and did a roll on run and

I didn't have to put the 185 back in it's performing better ,it will torque wheelie up a slight rise in fifth gear i am not BSing you.

Absolutely unreal this is with 15/46 gearing.

Had it at 108 mph on a gps and run out of road though i am able to trail ride and use first gear,this thing is way cool.

Maybe put a CRF front on next and cut down the stator to lose some more weight,cut the end from the engine bolts or go Ti though i can't afford Ti stuff.

Don't know if i mentioned it but have cut the seat down thinner at the top with a taper down to the panels and tank it's more like an MX'er it's a nicer seat now.

you got any pics of this monster wesk?

Sounds nice:crazy:

If i had a digital camera i could post.

It looks like an 06 with a fork brace and some stickers really.

The good stuff is inside.

Swapped out the Fork oil that was in it from the revalve.

All i can say is thank you mister Borynack PBWY brother.

The 2.5 weight oil is the go.Like the Nike ad says "Just done it".

Got the bike way good am adjusting to the faster pace,well.... getting worn out hanging on is more like it and bang got a rear flat and had to ride 10 miles home,just got there before it all came apart.

Just when it was really good too.

Next weekend am going over to my mates who has just bought an 08 KTM 530 boy is he in for a surprise.

Hasta la vista dudes.

Keep posting- I like reading these updates.

Have taken the speedo cable off and the forks work smoother and freer.

Blocked off the speedo drive,took the mid pipe mount from the bike and stuck a lightweight bolt in to secure the subframe.These 2 mods saved nearly a pound.

Hoseclamped the pipe closer to the frame so the muffler is at a better angle to the wheel.

Have put an xr400 CDI in it,and initial observation from a quick spin up the road is that it revs through the range quicker and has a bit more up top.

Will take it out and punish it on the weekend,more to come.

Man i need a digital camera.

With all the XR400's I have and I still have not done this..........maybe next weekend. I sure like how this forum can get to thinking and testing!!!!!

Bruce the CDI you need is the early US one not the current model,i can't remember when they were changed but there is a difference.

The Aussie one has been the same since the 400's inception in 96.

Well I have one of the 98 XR400's so, maybe this weekend.

There you go.

With the XR400 CDI i no longer care what my top end is as it's a bit scary now.

Got a bit of overrev between gears now which is different.

Actually am running 15/45 i thought it was 15/46 for ages but it's not.

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