Jumping in

I am looking for a little wisdom...as a newbie to this site, just sold my LC 640 to get some tighter woods action going. I am looking at a very nice 2000 WR 400..lots of goodies, mint shape...any advice for problems specific to that year? Anything in particular I should look for that could be of concern?

THanks for the input...much appreciated and looking forward to joining the WR club.

all of the wr400's are very solid bikes....but not usually what one would consider a "tight" woods bike.

The 450's are significantly lighter and more manuverable...but they give up some tank capacity..

Ive ridden the 400 426 and the 450...the power differences are noticable, but not night and day....

If you can afford it. really look at getting into an E-start bike. (starting 2003-on)


from basically everything i have learned on here, my overview and search hints would be like this.

agree with arin re =tank but many seem to have done a 'yz tank and seat' conversion ( my next job). handy if going on short rides. wr400 seat is like armchair compared to 450, but is wider.

yz timing mod is easy (although i got mechanic to do mine) loads of info and links on it. straight away made bike easier to start.

i would love an e start bike, but now i start mine 1 or 2nd kick EVERY time.


a couple of niggles that have come up more than once here is

'counterbalance key' can come loose and make scary noise, cheap fix when done early, havent heard of catastrophe attributed to it, but not sure.

small end on 'conrod can stretch' causing a disturbing knocking ( my current job) some detonations reported suspected as a result of this, yukky photo's on here somewhere too i think.

i am currently rebuilding ( or gathering parts do do it) as a 426 as (again from info here) it has a stronger conrod, eliminating the stretch issue.

in a nutshell it would appear that they are quite a rugged and reliable machine, make sure you change your oil and filter often, i go every 500 k's because so many people here said too and i feel better when i do.....

if you do searches under the topics in here you can be an expert on these things by tomorow afternoon, look under the name 'frostbite' too

now.....when i have rebuilt to 426 specs i will revert to wr timing as i believe that as a yz, it is aggressive on every component of the engine( more wear) and is more likely to induce wheelspin, which is not suited to the type of riding i do. the snap of power has been great fun, but i'm getting old (and maybe wise) and want to look after the bike and chew up less tyres.

i really love my old 400, and intend having it for a while. hope you like yours too. welcome in.

Buy it if the price is right, they're not as bulletproof as the 450's but if you take care if them they are fast and tough. I remember when they came out they were the sweetest thing going. There is a wealth of knowledge on here to keep it at it's best too.

they're not as bulletproof as the 450's .

it would appear on here that they are not as finicky as a 450 and are easier to get running right than a 450. not as bullet proof is a newy

That may be true. they're not as finicky but they have have a smallish clutch and some known con rod and crank issues. But, like I said, "if the price is right buy it"

Thanks very much Gentlemen. Being a previous KTM and current KTM 950 guy, the 400 seems like a 125 compared to my LC 640. So tight woods bike is relative I guess.

I picked this little beauty up today...for a very low 3300Cdn which is a great price I think for a bike in very, very good sahpe and excellent running order. Lots of new parts and very well maintained. I will find my way around it mechanically with some insight from your recommendations...thanks again. I hope the conrod et al are sound...it sounds very clear, White Bros pipe is a litte loud but I can fix that. Oh yeah...started first kick...so I hope that is a good sign.

Really looking forward to getting on it and spending a lot of time enjoying the ride.

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