Carpel Tunnel Help WR

Having a bad problem with hands going numb and a burning sensation :) Has anyone had carpel tunnel surgery. I have conficting reports, some say it solved their problems while others have said after a couple of years they now have continuing tingling feelins in their fingers and others pain up arms to elbow. Any info would help.

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Unkle Moose, do you only get it riding? What about arm pump?

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Hello Paul No arm pump, just numbness then burning sensation and somtimes it feels like something is clamping down on middle fingers. I get a slight niumbness even when I am driving :) It wears on me mentally when you know you can ride faster but you can't, makes racing less fun, even been working on a looser grip. I don't get it as bad just riding, but more relaxed and riding easier then when racing.

maybe the boysen flex grip? my left wrist is screwed, literally, and I have considered one. just have not seen one to try. I used to have numbing in my left hand, because it was weak. I did have luck with the POWER-BALL. It is said to help eliminate carpul tunnel symptoms. i did help me. Or maybe a better set of vib. dampening grips?

So Mom was right......not only are you going blind, but you're losing feeling in your hands! You should have stopped when you just needed glasses.

Hey Moose,

E-mail me and I will give you the complete lowdown, show you the scars, and reccommend the doctor out here.

I am a Carpal tunnel survivor.


I used to get bad poping in my tendons in my wrist when I was a mechanic. It would go numb and tingle when I was riding for more than 30 mins on my street bike and get all pumped up on the dirt bike, 2 stroke,. I found it was caused by the hi powered impact guns I was using. The vibs swell your wrist, thats why they feel itchy. Then any little vib inflames them. The A # 1 way to kill vibrations is with silicone. It just to bad no one makes gloves with silicone in them,,,,,, or do they? Yes! go to your local bicycle shop and pick up a set of silicone rode bike gloves, they are the fingerless type, and slip em on under your MX gloves. That bar snake silicone works good to.

Unkel Moose, I don't have a clue about this. But, hang in there man. I know exactly what you mean about it wearing on you mentally. I go through exactly the samething with my back. I am literally getting by on 24 to 32 hundred mg of Motrin aday. Sometimes with a little Vico mixed in. But, I refuse to give in of up! My back is getting better every day. You will get better too. Do your research and get well my friend. I am really looking forward to riding and even racing with you and George soon. Hope to see you up at Stoney! Paul :)

TOM14911 Lets get together and talk, e-mail at

Michael my wonderful Brother n Law (I told him not marry her. :D You have it all wrong again, Your the one who needs glasses not me :)

See ya on Turkey Day, I will bring the cigars :D

Hey - your right!

You bring the cigars, I'll bring the Bookers, and we can deep fry some Turkeys.

Now that is something to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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