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Track times

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first off I have to say that running down the quartermile for the first time on a bike was awesome, and the fact that I WOWed everyone when I was under the expected 20second mark that they assumed.

my mods

-yosh slipon

-3x3 mod, with no side cover (on the track only) and no airfilter

-Dynojet jetting kit on the stock 36mm carb

anyhow... averaging 15.3 @82-83 MPH

best time to date 15.092 @83.3MPH

and I plan on droping that even further when I aquire the ability to launch/shift properly

just want to know if you guys have ever taken yours down the track and what times your pulling?

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Why did you remove the side cover and air filter :ride:

Assuming that when you did the 3x3 and DynoJet kit, you got the jetting right, it will be

giving maximum power as it is.

All you have achieved by your changes for the track is to make it run lean and slower.

Others have posted 1/4 mile times in the 14 second range.

Well done for having a go at it, but try again with it all set-up as for the street.

As for the launch try 2nd gear, hold the revs at about 5000 and as soon as you start to let the clutch

out, give it full throttle and control the wheelie with the clutch.

Neil. :thumbsup::applause::applause:

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mucho gracias, but I'm also running mt21 front and rear with stock gearing at 3000ft elev, but I will try the new launch, and post my times

thanks for the tips

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