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DS'ing a off road bikeWR

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As I've mentioned before I'm looking into dual sporting my 06 WR. In PA it's a bit of a chore since they require a title reconstruction and a fair amount of paperwork.

I stopped in at a Yamaha/Suzuki/KTM dealer near my work and got to talking about the DS equipment and the soon to arrive KTM 07 DS bikes

Get this, KTM does not mark certificates, (none of them) as off road. They told me that you can buy any KTM model and they will issue a registration and plate st the time of sale. Then I could install the DS kit and get a inspection with no problem.

In PA its the registration that is the issue and with KTM its no problem.

Seriously considering this but I want to see the reports on the KTM DS bikes.

I assumed that the offroad designation to the off road bikes was a state or US requirement but its not the case.

Why would any mfg mark their origin certs as offroad and pigeon hole the use of the machine?

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