Where did 'Dual Sport' come from

Back in the day, (im old) when I had my 1983 DT125 and later my 1989 DT200, those bikes were all called Dual Purpose. When i bought my Wr and searched for a Dual Purpose kit i couldn't find anything, they are now called Dual Sport, when and why did this change and/or did i miss something? Are there still Dual Purpose bikes or was this wrong terminology I used way back then and all my life???

The term Dualsport actually came from Suzuki. They used that name on the DR models 125 thru 350, so it has kind of stuck on all dual purpose bikes. You now also have National Dualsport rides but you can ride anything that is street legal not just a Suzuki.


Thanks, there is always someone with an answer on here.

Maybe it could be called Duel Sport! :thumbsup::ride:

Well, back in the old days, the dual sports were called Enduro bikes. Now enduro bikes are like the KDX, WR, XR, RMZ etc. Enduros way back were all road legal. The Yamaha AT and DT Enduros come to mind. Now its dual sport and enduros now days arent ever intended for road use. Dual Sports would be the Zook DR, Kawaskai KLR, Honda XR650L etc. I dont know where the name came from itself.

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