07 YZF 450 Delivery Date?

Has any one heard the eta on these bikes,

Blackfoot in Calgary told me November, another dealer in B.C. said mid Sept.

Noone really knows for sure.I have a deposit on one and they told me end of august.I hope that they are correct.Seeing how they didnt change much from last year you would think that they could get them out early this year.Right now i'm without a bike!

Mach1 in NorCal told me 17 bikes in September.

Call 'em and ask for James.

There is a shop on Ebay that already has a 2007 yz250 2 smoker.I called a shop last tuesday and they have a 2007 race quad and are expecting delivery of there yzf's anytime.Mabye this year they will be out sooner. :thumbsup: Not having a bike now sucks! :ride:

I'm from Quebec, one dealer told me not before December and another told me September, either way, the white 450 is mine! :thumbsup:

A guy I know already has his 07 yz250 smoker so the 450's should be soon.

i hope you have to wait like i did for my 06 december HAHAHAHAHAH jk i hope they come in soon so I can go pick one up.

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