06YZ450F / Arm Pump


I recently switched from a YZ250 smoker to a 06YZ450F, and arm pump on my throtlle hand is killing me after 5 laps on the track!

So I am looking for suggestions to help my armpump.

1) My bars are ProTaper Windham

2) I use a Scotts Stabilizer for certain off-road riding

I am thinking about an RG3 top clamp, it is supposed to help arm pump and I like the idea of having double posts so my bars don't twist when I bite it hard.

Any other ideas?



I had the protaper rubber mount upper clamp on the 250f i sold, and i realy liked it. It definitely lowered the vibrations some, and didnt let the bars twist when i fell down.

Im not totally convinced any clamp is a bolt on fix for arm pump, though it could help a little. I think that leaning forward when you get on the gas and using your legs to hold yourself on the bike is more effective than any bolt-on mod you can do - now if i didnt get lazy riding, that would be the ticket, wouldn't it? haha

Loosen up the death grip on the bars, try to use you're legs more for gripping the bike. I don't really have that bad of a problem with mine, I use stock bars, stock triple clamp. Sure I get it, but that's after like a 30 minute moto or something it would start to come on, then I try to ride through it. I rode my buddies 1999 YZ250 and that thing is crazy vibration compared to the 450f (which I hear is the most calm bike).

I had the same problem when I made the switch to a 4 stroke. I think it happens because on a 2 stroke you are using the clutch and holding the throttle pretty steady, but on the 4 stroke you are constantly needing to change throttle position. I also think these thing pull way harder then any 2 stroke can, you have to lean forward more, and grip with your legs when you get on it otherwise it will rape your energy.

the problem is definetly the DEATH GRIP! :thumbsup:

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