who has the best replacement plastic for L pigs

I am looking to make my pig a bit different, I want BLACK plastic in Florida, I know it gets hot, But dont care I will park it in the shade. I just like that outlaw/ stealth look. Anyway who and where? I do not want junk, and painting is out of the question!!! :thumbsup::ride:

This has been covered countless times in the past. You can buy a black tank and black fenders, even a black headlamp assy' but I have yet to see black plastic side panels. Most guys use Krylon Fusion paint to do their side panels. My buddy had a sick ass blacked out XR650L but he sold it...still mad at him...lol

Thanks, I have found all but the side panels, maier seems to be the best looking, they have side panels but not for new millenium models. :thumbsup:

Does ANYONE have side panels for the XR650L?

Found them for a xr600r 1986-87 model, none for this millenium!!!

Someone hear the cry" MAKE PLASTIC FOR OUR PIGS, IN ALL THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW, AND MAKE THEM WELL"!!!! Now whactch they will star giving away rainbow colored plastic pigs with happymeals at Mcdonalds :thumbsup::ride:

what have you found for the rear fender in black? I like the stock one w/ the 4strokes brake light and plate mounted directly to it.



Maier makes a black rear fender. I have one on my '01 650L. I emailed them in the past, hoping they would consider making black side panels, but they showed no interest at the time. Acerbis used to have the right side panel in black (same as newer XR600), but not the left. I ended up buying brand new Honda plastic, and painting with Fusion. It works great, plus it can be re-done, if the stuff gets scratched. I like the all-black look, too.

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