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Great Deal!

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So last year I had to sell my 1986 ford bronco :applause: with the lift kit and roll cage and everything bc it got about 8 miles to the gallon and with gas prices.... :applause:. well anyways, I start looking at F-150 and other pick-ups (bc i want something i can put my bike in and not haul a trailer) and i discover that there pretty expensive like $8000 for 1999 and 2000s with like 130k miles!!! So I look and rangers :ride: and find out there not any cheaper and they have just as many miles, but then I find a 1997 Ford F-150 with on 53k miles on it (and this is a texas truck ) for $5000 with no cosmetic damage nor engine problems. Needless to say i bought that thing that same day. It was an amazing deal (even tho its turquoise...) and a year later not one problem wrong with it :thumbsup: .Sorry for the useless post...

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