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KTM Wheel Fitment

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With all the recent talk about alternative wheel fitment for whatever reason, I decided to try and confirm the rumor that KTM rear wheels will bolt on or even fit on a DRZ at all. I have a neighbor that has a KTM 525 EXC, and we just swapped the rear wheels to see.

In this first pic, you can see the wheel in place using the KTM spacers, and the DRZ axle. I'm not positive, but I think the KTM hub is just a touch wider than the DRZ hub. I did not try the KTM hub with DRZ spacers as it fits this way.


In the second and third pics, you can see the only minor clearance issue. This bike has the rear rotor mounted with bolts. The bolt heads come very close to contacting the caliper mount, but they don't touch. If the rotor was mounted like my DRZ rotor, with recessed allen head bolts, there would be mega room.



Finally, in this last pic, you can see the other side. No issues at all.


My understanding is that KTM uses the same rear hub for almost all of their full size bikes, and has done so for a good number of years. I have not yet confirmed this.

This should give us another source of rear wheels and hubs to hunt for!! :thumbsup:

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ktm rear hubs tend to take huge abuse when on the ktm becuase of the screwy chain adjustment.unless the chain is run so loose that its nearly falling off the chain gets way tight going thru the travel.it tends to ruin the hubs.

just something to be aware of when looking at used ktm wheels.

also,not all ktm wheels have 20mm axles.

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from 1990 to 2005 all the rear spacers are the same for the full sized bikes. So i think its safe to say from 90 to 05 rear hubs will fit.

the front is another story they changed from 20mm to 26mm in 2003.

I have the 26mm front and 20mm rear KTM settup for my SM wheels on my 400S

all you need for the front is spacers like this

o and a motomaster caliper adapter to fit the stock ktm rotor






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