If you live in Wisconsin and own an XR650R, please help me out

I really want to get an XR650R to make into a supermoto bike, but unfortunately Wisconsin is notorious for being one of the hardest states to register anything in.

If there are any XR650R owners out there who live in Wisconsin, please tell me how you got your bike registered, whether you bought it with a title or did it yourself, I want to hear your story.

I want a 650R in the worst way, but I dont want to plop down the cash to have the DMV say "sorry, tough luck" :thumbsup:

I bought one that was already plated in Minnesota, trailered it here, went to the DMV with the Minnesota title and walked out 45 minutes later, (43 of that waiting and filling out the title transfer form), WI plate and title in hand.

piece of cake if the bike is already titled.

I did my research for a month, talked to a Honda dealer in town who used to wn dual sported CR500s and similar stuff, and it all pretty much boils down to buying a bike that has a street title in another state.


Thats kind of what I figured, I tried forever to title an old Honda CL450 that I restored, and was unsuccessful.

Anyone else have some experiences they would like to relate?

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