Today Was A Horrible Day...i Need Help

Today i had a race...i finished all my races and i was getting ready to go up to my trailerand i went to start my bike and something bad happened. I kicked it one and it ran for like 3 seconds and staled... when it staled the kickstarter slammed up and something blew up inside. i got off my bike and looked around and saw gears on the ground and a bog hole on the side of my engine near the was running fine all day.. id ont kno wat happened does anyone have any idea at all... please help me!!!

How about some pictures?

:eek:Your counterbalancer might have broken, which will basically destroy your engine. Sorry. buddy. I don't want to see the repair bill!!! :thumbsup:

I would think the kickstarter was at fault, not the balancer. The balancer is at the opposite end of things, near the front.

Looks like you'll need to open it up and see how much damage was done. Is the hole in the outer cover case, or the crankcase?

the hole was in the crank case and its about an apple size

Ouch...I feel for you.

Damn, pictures, now.

Gears on the ground and a hole the size of an apple! Gees, sounds pretty bad.

What year was your bike?

You say the bike was running fine before this happened but were there any issues starting it before?

Mine did the(sort of) same thing except for the big hole in the case, I tried kick starting the bike a couple times and the third time the kick starter "jammed" would not go down,back tire would not spin. I took apart the clutch side cover and found gear teeth everywhere, come to find out the rachet gear had exploded and meshed with the gears inside.The bike had only three hours on it(05' yz450f) and was out of warranty by 5 months,but my dealer covered the parts and i did the labor myself. Total about $500 damage according to the dealership.

it was an 04 and i will try to get pics up as soon as possible!

Some 04's had connecting rod failures, be thankful you were not airborne when she broke or you'd be complaining with more bruises. Always a silver lining I guess.

yea do u think the dealer will cover all of this or wat??

I had something similar happen to my 05, but didn't crack the case like you described. I went to start it and she backfired, which shot the kick starter into my foot seizing the gear on the kick starter. Lucky for me the bike was only two months old and the shop took care of it... I'd like to see Pic's too!

my yz 400 threw a gear threw the case before I got it, at the coast of $1600 Canadain, welded up case and got gears and threw back in, oil & filter is changed at 10 hrs max!!!!

Just had strap break in trailer and caused rad to leak, might need one (Left side for 1998 yzf400)

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