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1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Broken Speedo, oil leak, plus other problems.

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well im 17 and have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. its the I-6... i kno i kno, no V-8 :thumbsup: , but its a handy down from the Mother so what do u expect. I cant drive yet cuz i dont have the liscence yet, but i want to start workin on this car so its ready for when i can drive it soon.

first off its been kind of a nightmare. for the past 3 years its gone through batterys in a matter of hours. it never held a charge. u could jump start it, run it for hours, put a new battery in and in as little as 2 hours the thing would be dead. we took it to a place and told them that we;'ve put atleast 3 new batteries in it. what do they do? they keep throwing new batteries at it. of course every single one died. finally they decided to put the BIGGEST battery they know of in it. i didn't think it wouldm work..... but surprisingly its been working for the past 2 weeks. dont know why....

so the week that was fixed im driving it down to the lake. as we pull in we notice there is a huge cloud of smoke behind us and it reaks as we pull in. turns out the left rear break pad was dragging the whole way. 700 bucks later its good.

so the first ride in it i take with the new breaks i go down to the chinese resturant. as i get out from parking i notice there is a wet trail that follows the path i just drove and a puddle where ever i was stopped for more than a second. pure motor oil. i looked under the car and its leaking from a braided steal line under the driver side. not the line itself but a connector. any idea if i can fix that myself? silicone or liquid gasket? the odd part is the oil pressure gauge on the dash reads 80 and is all the way to the right. most every car ive seen shows the pil pressure guage in the middle at 40. we had the oil changed while it was in the shop, could the guys have been dump enough to just put new oil in and never take the old oil out? thats what i thought, but the oil level is right on the money. but i dont understand how it can be leaking so much oil and the oil pressure be beyond normal.

also, the speedo has been broken for a year. how do i fix it? it just stays at 0 no matter how fast i go.

Lastly, the car looks nice inside and out. but the under neath worries me. all these winters sitting in wet and salt have taken their tole and everything is rusted to sh!t. the rear shocks had metal covers. one is rusted to the point that it has holes, and the other side has rusted clean off so that i can see the shiny chrome shock rod (only thing thats shiny on the whole underbody). should i be concerned about the lack of physical protection for the shocks? id imagine if the shock rods get rusty they wont being doing much absorbing and just be solid.

yeah and the AC doesn't work either. any idea on how to fix that?

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