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Dr. Mark-Understanding the orthopedic

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I previously posted a question about the healing time of my fractured ankle. Another unfortunate mishap occured shortly after posting that question. While carefully using my crutches to move around, I fell down one step and planted my fractured ankle very hard onto the ground, while my ankle was in the boot. There was a sharp pain on that fracture for about 15 minutes, and then the pain went away as if it never occured. To play it safe, the next day I went to the ortho to get another look. He took an x-ray and said it did move a slight amount, and that I didnt need surgery, just to continute wearing the boot. I asked if I had delayed the healing time, and he said perhaps a week or so. Up until that point, I was starting to get movement back into the ankle, pivoting it, moving back and forth, and beginning to walk on it. He told me if the bone was strong, it would have not moved, and at that point it had been more than two weeks after the accident. He told me to not continue what I was doing with the walking in the boot, and moving the ankle around to regain strength, until I see him the 22nd (approx 2 weeks) My question is, have you seen this happen, someone displace an already fractured ankle, and if so, was it advisable to tell them to stay off the stationary bike, moving the ankle etc because of it? By the way, it has been 3 days since the trip down the step that moved the ankle, and it has swollen a little, and also I lost most of the ability to move it around, flexibility I was getting back. Does this sound normal?

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