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Anyone want to be a support/chase team for the Baja 1000 this year?

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Hey guys,

A few of us from NC competed in, And loved the baja 1000 last year.

We basically shipped the bike to San Diego, flew out there and rented trucks, and headed South!

Well....this year is the 1000 miles all the way to bottom! So, truck rentals aren't really an option this year for us. We have considered driving our truck out there....but that leaves for an extra 10 days of driving to and from.

SOOOO.... I thought I would put it out there to see if you guys knew of, or wanted to yourselves, anyone that was planning on going to watch the 1000 this year...and might consider acting as a chase team for us!

We are still working on all the details....but as of now, we are planning on 5 riders and 0ne helper coming out with us. My wife and boys may also come out too...but she will probably just rent a car somewhere...she is wanting to stay in Cabo for a few extra days.

The basic responsibility of the chase truck is simple this year. Retrieve the riders on the way down to the finish line and bring them all back to San Diego.

You can email me at www.mitchtruett@hotmail.com

Thanks, Mitch

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