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Ride Report...A Green One & A Blue One

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The Bay Bulls Old Track Trail is an old rail line which was decommissioned decades before the rest of the Newfoundland Railway, which means it has almost completely been reclaimed by mother nature.

This is the most challenging trail ride I've been on in a long time. It ended up being 33 kms of the most technical, rocky, boggy, and deep water trail around. And if all that wasn't enough, there were several REALLY old bridges along the route, which barely looked safe enough to walk across, let alone ride a motorcycle across.

It was only a couple of kms along the trail, that I discovered first hand, how what looks like typical one foot deep trail washouts, can actually be three or four foot deep trenches.

I drowned the DRZ up to the seat, but shut the motor off before she sucked any of the dark brown water into the cylinder. The exhaust and carb did swallow enough of it to prevent the bike from starting, however. But after tipping the bike on it's end to clear the exhaust, and flushing the float bowl a few times, she came back to life, and ran fine. There was no evidence of water in the oil, fortunately. So we carried on.

We had to take many detours and many bypasses to make it all the way from the Hayloft Lounge, near the city of St. John's, to the community of Bay Bulls, by this trail. This meant what looks like about 20 kms of trail riding on the map, turned out to be 33 kms of trail riding, by the time we finally got our exhausted bodies and trail-weary DRZs down to the community of Bay Bulls.

If you're ever in the mood for an afternoon trail ride that's more like an enduro race in difficulty, than most, this is the one for you!

Here's a map of our route, and some photos...








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beautiful pics Geoff

The trail does look really wet and rocky

great scenery.

Dont think I'll get there this summer-time's running short and work starts again in 3 weeks-it'd take me a week to get there off road (and that's the only way to tour!)

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There's always next year, Robb. And there's plenty of great trails to ride here on our big island, when you do finally make it to The Rock.


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