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6 months of hard ridin and its still 215!!!!

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6 months total on my 06, and 3 months of that is out at Glamis. If you ride the dunes you know how hard it can be on a bike. I ride every week and the nice thing about AZ is that most of the time your 3,4,and 5th pinned in the desert. Always on the pipe pretty much. :ride:

So I compression test it on Sunday, thinkin I'm gonna be around 180 with all the hard hours on my bike. Nope.....215!!! Is this motor industructable????

I gotta say my 04 YZ450 was bullet proof, but man 215 still :applause::applause:

I'm stickin to OEM parts on this bike for sure :thumbsup: ...I've always used Yamalube in all my bikes and I'm not about to change.

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