K&N Filter Ad with Team Honda on XR650 with Inverted Forks

I might be wrong but in the latest Dirt Rider magazine with Ryan Villapato on the cover there is a K&N filter ad featuring Honda's Off Road Team. At first, I thought the bike in the picture was a 450X but after I looked a little harder, it looks like a pipe coming out of the left side so I am thinking this is a 650R with inverted forks. Can anyone confirm if this is the case or am I mistaken? Is Honda using/testing inverted forks on their 650s?

I am pretty sure that is a 450x.

They are definitely not trying USD forks.

If the pipe looks like it's coming out the left side then look closer, could it be the photo was flipped? Ya know, sometimes ad companies do that sort of thing by mistake.

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