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knee numbness after injury

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I was rding yesterday in the trees when, as far as I can tell, I clipped a tree with my handlebar and tried to set my R foot down to catch myself when I ran into another tree causing my leg to be twisted up under the bike while the bike was pinned in a tree. I was unable to get myself out and had to wait a few seconds for another rider to get the bike off of me. I was in a lot of pain. I could not get up to walk or ride my bike. A four wheeler had to be brought in to get me out.

I went to the doctor today and Xrays show nothing and since the swelling and pain is so great in my knee an exam to rule out ACL tear could not be performed. He was able to see that the MCL was torn or stretched. I am now waiting for the MRI. When my husband tore his ACL he was able to get back on his bike and finish a cross country race and he had completely severed it!! When this happened to me there was no way that I could have ridden a bike, I was in so much pain. I knwo I heard at least 2 pops when this occured.

Anyone with an injury like this ever had numbess of the skin around the knee? My skin just below my knee cap and along the whole face of the knee is numb. My husband did not have this numbness until after his surgery. Also, the swelling and bruising go half way down my shin. Are these signs of somethign more than MCL and ACL tear?

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