motard wheel options??

this is probably a stupid noob question, but i'll ask it anyways... i dont have an XR650 yet, but until i do, im trying to figure out the best wheels to run for a supermoto style bike. i've seen some with wheels from CBR600's and i think a couple of nighthawk wheels... i'd really like to run cast wheels over a lace up w/ Excel's, but i've heard there is alot of custom spacer machining involved. my question is... how hard would a 17" cast wheel from a street bike be to mate up with a late model stock XR swingarm/ sprocket/ etc.? also, with a stock swingarm what is the limit on tire width? thanks in advance. 228365 *click here for an example*

You are right, there is allot of fab work to do when installing cast wheels from a sportbike, and they are friggin heavy! Id do a set of excells laced to your stock hubs and be done with it. Itll actually be way cheaper unless you have a milling machine, and a lathe because unless you have both forget making a set of sportbike wheels fit your Tardo. I went with Excells laced to Z-Billet hubs and Avon Distanzia tyres, love the combo and the black wheels gold anodized hubs look great on the all black bike. Or find an extra set of stock wheels and do the conversion on the stock hubs, then youll have the dirt wheels too! PS: theres a pic of my Re-Tard in my garage over there under my avatar.

yea, i saw it... thing looks sweet.

yea, i saw it... thing looks sweet.

Thanks! But please dont put ugly sportbike wheels on a tard conversion, they are twice as heavy as my conversion, and they look weird once they are on unless you use the really nice CBR wheels, whihc kinda look like Marchisinis, cool. Id look for a extra set of stock dirt wheels, then send them to Motostrano and have some 17in hoops laced to the stock hubs, I think that costa about 500 bucks or less and works with ALL the stock stuff, you can also get the same rotor and relocator I have and go 320mm front rotor on it. Email me at if you need more help.

yea, 320 rotors are definately being considered. i was thinking of wheels more along the lines .... a13.jpg

.. any suggestions about a maximum tire width/ size you could be able to run with no clearance issues?

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