dirtbikes on the street

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Does anyone here have experience riding dirt bikes as long term street bikes? I think the non US riders can easily make their WR's or YZ's street legal. What I want to find out is if the transmission can take the abuse of riding on the street (no slippage of the rear tire = more shock to the drivetrain). I've been considering buying a street legal dirtbike and using it for my daily rider instead of the sportbike.

My goal of getting a dirtbike is that they are lighter weight and have more power than their dualsport counterparts (up to 100lb less!).

Any info would be appreciated.


ive never had a dirtbike on the street and i know the tranny will be stressed more because of no wheel slipage but if you plan on using it as a street bike the tranny will last if you just roll on the power insted of slamming it on.

My wr400 did aroud 6800km up to now, on that, at least 5000km on road without any damage. I had two xr650l and one klx650r road plated and the wr is better than them for sporty city ride. Just don't go too agressively on the throttle and just roll the throttle and everything should be fine.

Not being technical, but slightly inlcined anyway, "no comprende". How can it be that road use is harder on the transmission than dirt riding???

When riding (Dirt) over rough ground on full acceleration the rear wheel will skip over bumps, freewheeling.....accelerating hugely then will decelerate hugely as it is slowed by the next impact. On off on off on off on off etc. Surely that is going to stress the components more than constant pressure on the tranny from none wheel slipping? Why am I wrong ?

I had a 99 WR400F and used it for dual sporting. I rode about 13000 km before I traded it into a KTM Adventure.

The main problem was a too short transmission ratio. I fitted the largest front and smallest rear sprocket available and still comfortable continuous riding speed was about 85-90 km/h. Too slow in my opinion. Yet I could get 160 km/h in to speedo when wanted.

During those 13000 km I had no problems regarding to transmission although I wasn't particularly sensitive with the bike. I tried to keep to gravel roads as much as possible but rode a lot on asphalt too. Never opened the transmission so I can't tell you how it was. But then again there was no problems with gears or anything else so I didn't bother to open the gearbox for no reason.

WR isn't exactly a long distance touring bike but I did a few short weekend trips with it. It's an excellent bike for small curvy gravel roads going through woods and country side but very boring on highways. I also liked commuting with it. Nice wheelies and wide slides with Michelin Enduro Comp 3 tyres.


I heard a dinner discussion this weekend where two friends put street tires and larger front sprockets on an XR650 and a Suzuki DR350. They rode on a group street bike ride in the North Ga. Mountains (Tight twisty mountain roads) with other street bikers. One of the street bikers at the table (Harley rider) said they were beating everyone through the mountains, including the sport bikes. The XR650 rider, a former road racer, said the experience was a blast!!

I recently returned to the world of motorcyles after many years away. What is super motard??

Good riding all!

:) A Super-Motard is basicaly a Dirt Bike with road wheels fitted ie 17" rims instead of the usual 18 and 21

and very sticky rubber fitted to make them grip! :D

A large front disc often 320 mm is also fitted to assist stopping!

VERY big in Europe and now also the UK, alot of my friends have changed their street bikes (R1, Blade's etc) for these and are havin a ball! :D

No problems with Transmissions as yet, one friend has covered over 20,000 miles on his XR 600 with no problems at all!!

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