XR~CR fork swap

heres the word from a guy who did it.

on my 89 xr 600 i used 89 cr 500 forks and clamps that bolted right on with no mods.they have the same bearings and stem.then i got some 90 cr 250 forks and they slid right into the cr 500 clamps which is what im running now.i think 89 to 91 cr 125,250 and 500 forks and clamps will bolt on.if you use newer then that, you will have to do a little machining or spacer work to make the stem fit.the only problem i have heard of with the early forks is sometimes the clamps may hit the gas tank from the steering stops having a little more room to travel.mine clears good with my tank setup though.

I may do this swap on my supermoto as long as I can also use the stock caliper, relocatorm 320mm rotor, and really expensive motard wheel and hub I now have on my XR610R Super re-tard.

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