06 YZ450f help pleaseee urgent

ok i let my friend try out my yz450f, he hit a jump and fell off quite hard. now my front alignment on my bike is messed up. The handle bars, which idont think are bent, are crooked while the wheel is straight. how do i get them aligned back correctly, the wheel, the handle bars, and the fender...please respond it is important...thank you

Loosen the pinch bolts on the triple clamp and the one's that pinch the axel. I think they are all 10 mm. Straighten it out and tighten them according to the manual.

Most likely it's just the bar mounts. Loosen the two nuts under the top clamp and straighten the bars out then tighten them back down. If the front wheel looks crooked in comparison to the bars after they are square with the top clamp, turn the bars all the way to the opposite side that the wheel is off (ie. tire points left, turn bars right) and give the tire a swift kick. It'll straighten out.

Dude, first dont panic :thumbsup:

This happens b/c the stupid stock bar mounts twist like a stripper for the smallest of tips - or tip overs :ride:

Do what was advised above and it'll be fine - unless something is bent and needs to be replaced.

Good luck,

BTW, don't let him ride it anymore! :thumbsup:

If it happens in the hills go next to a tree and bang the hell out of it until it straightens :thumbsup: Keep on riding

What are we supposed to see that pertains to this issue? :thumbsup:

Doh, it was suppose to show the proper order in which to tighten your pinch bolts. I guess I got in a hurry and didn't copy and paste the right page, my bad. :ride: Settle down Baron Von Teard! :applause:

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